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Characters and Places
Name Notes
Merri Liiondahl Eccentric gamer
Tserof A village
Die Unaussprechlice Prinzess Mythical figure
Hisler A small town
Libre de Facon A village
Agnus Innkeeper
Aussetzen A small town
Ghump A village
Freest of Ghump
Thom of Ghump
Aregh Niagr Merchant
Tipharantes A city of faeries
Syrabia A far-off country
Mersey River
Priis A large town
Pharisee ???
Quattro of Bagina, Knight
Bagina A town
Yves de Fleur Knight
Rooba A far-off country
Cebe Choc ???
C-Drom Fighter, Adventurer
Muro A village
Thorg-Ahmon Wizard, Adventurer
Mellinnu A great wizard of legend
Castoy A small village near orc lands
Theonysius the Ugly Clerk, Scholar
Denethor III Orc warlord
Kerushabu Denethor's clerk
Herman Daigakusei Village elder of Castoy
Tesseract A town
Fneshdaar A small town
Giniveer ???
Chateau d'Fleur A castle
Gunnel Pappenskiöld Social worker
Per-Olof Londèn University research scientist
Meredith Lyon German herb industrialist
Igor Bock Tour guide
Gretel Hoffmüller Secretary
Hans Grüber PR Director
The Beatles A band
Kenneth Håkström Drug dealer
Honest Rashid Car rental operator
Zocchos Oracle

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