MechaZone 223 Character Gallery

MechaZone 223 character gallery contains brief descriptions and in soma cases images of the major non-player characters in MechaZone 223. Act II characters are not yet included, but will appear here when the time is right.

Each thumbnail image is linked a large size original. As these are line art, I chose GIF as the format. Unfortunately, shrinking them down did serious damage to the rasters. So, check the large originals (all in the 30kB-50kB range) to really appreciate them.


Characters included are listed in no particular order below. It does resemble alphabetical, but is really a bit too complicated to explain. Fortunately, the list isn't that long...

Clovis Peabody

[Clovis] Clovis is the undisputed ace of MechaZone 223 and all the other MechaZones for that matter. With over 300 kill points under his belt, very few can even approach his level.

Clovis used to work for RAF on Earth as a mechanic, which causes severe abrasion with his near-equal and rival, Malcolm Ashley-Biggot III. Just about anyone else will regard Clovis as a nice and likeable person, aside from the annoying habit of munching pickled onions continuously. He does not boast with his skill and is genuinely friendly and helpful even to the greenest recruits.

His Panzer of choice is Quadrun Law. Named Invincible, Clovis lovingly maintains his Panzer and keeps the garish paint job in parade condition.

Quote: *munch* Pool, *munch* anyone?

Prince Dram Hashaquiel

[Dram] Dram's exact position within the Royal House of Hashaquiel is slightly uncertain at best. Some claim he's King Dashiq's nephew, some support the second cousin theory. However, it appears that he fell out of the court's favor and was placed at the command of a mercenary base.

Bitter for the dishonorable placement, Dram drowns himself in work. He is often moody or downright depressed, but always stern, commanding and straight-to-the-point. His drive and passion are directed solely into keeping MechaZone 223 in fighting order and pounding the enemy as hard as possible.

Dram flies one of the Royal Sazabis. It is rumored his Panzer has experimental stealth equipment supplied by Ramon, but no one has seen actual proof of this, since Ramon's personal technicians do most of the extremely complicated Panzer's maintenance anyway.

Quote: Your kill scores are inexcusably low. Shape up, I can't afford to lose pilots.

Eric Paddleditch

[Eric Paddleditch] Eric Paddleditch is the director of GUGES, GUG's police force. His military power with the entire GUGES forces at his disposal is one of the strongest in the entire solar system, and the true extent of his political power can only be guessed.

Cold, ruthless and determined, Eric rarely shows himself in public letting the GUGES PR director Nigiro Rhea handle such trifle matters. Those who have met him in private invariably mention the hard and piercing stare of his chromed eyes.

Quote: So? Drop a rock on them.

Gail Galewraith

[Gail] Gail is a military brat. Joining the force and attending the academy were the only career choices she ever thought of. She had talent, training went without a hitch and she got top scores from the academy. Freshly graduated, she looked forward to a bright career in the Royal Army.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard. Her career met a brick wall. There was always someone ahead in the line, always someone better qualified, always someone male. She saw her chance when King Dashiq formed the mercenary MechaZones and immediately applied for transfer. The ticket she got read: MZ223.

Even though he was determined to carry the entire base on his back if need be, Dram knew talent when he saw it. Gail's career rocketed. Promotions in rapid succession and finally the second in command of an entire Panzer base.

There are those who attribute Gail's success to abilities other than military talent, but the green shade of envy often tints such opinions. Some consider the entire notion absurd, saying that the only thing Dram is likely to be romantically involved with is his desk.

Quote: Disengage at once, Red 7. No glory hounds during my shift.

Ramon Armétal

[Ramon] Interplanetary arms smugg... respectable businessman extraordinaire. If you want to buy it, Ramon is willing to sell it. Ramon was fast taking the bait when King Dashiq decided to farm out the supply of mercenary bases to independent agents.

Even among the motley crew of MZ223 Ramon's French-Algerian ancestry shows. He's always slick, sharp and willing to deal. He has few real friends, but no enemies. Making enemies is bad for business, so Ramon stays neutral on most issues.

Apart from military equipment Ramon also supplies personal items for the pilots. He has extensive stores of the most typical items and usually delivers anything within a few weeks.

Quote: Oi, pilotto! Buy some cheap second hand missiles.

Norton Swell

[Norton Swell] Norton Swell is a Royal Inquisitor and Grand Vizier Esu Ylno's right hand man. He is ruthless, efficient and somewhat sadistic watching out for the kingdom's best interests.

However, unlike his boss Ylno, Swell sometimes is a bit hazy as to who exactly decides what is in the kingdom's best interests. He clearly enjoys the power of his position and often toys with people below him.

A man like Swell can hardly avoid making enemies, so he usually travels with his personal guards.

Quote: Treason! Guards, arrest that man littering the sidewalk.

Sonoda Al

[Sonoda] Sonoda Al, lead singer and the composer behind the neo-retro band High Martians, seems an unlikely candidate for a Panzer ace. However, he did try just about everything from EVA rescue work to selling ice cream in his search for inspiration, which also explains ending up at MechaZone 223.

He is social, talkative and utterly cool. At least he tries to be. He usually carries his top-notch synthesizer around, trying out new tunes.

Sonoda flies a modified Valkyrie. He has personally designed many of those custom options, indicating the extremely wide spectrum of his talents. One of his greatest hits, The Hand of Destiny, is based on the exploits of a fellow pilot, John "The Hand" Woodrow.

Quote: Cool vibes, man. This'll fit my new song perfectly.

Jaime T. Ratt

Many of MechaZone 223's mechanics and technicians are regular army personnel. Ratt is the chief mechanic among them. Informal, disorderly and very proficient, he fits on the 'zone perfectly.

Ratt is rarely seen outside the hangars and his social life seems to consist of cursing pilots for the damage they've yet again caused. He seems to be on friendly terms with Ramon, but that may have more to do with spare parts supply than anything else.

Quote: Let me guess. The fusebox went again?

Seamus Flynn

The pilots are not the only mercenaries on MechaZones. Flynn is one of the desperates who end up doing the less glamorous jobs on the mercenary base. Patching up pilots and zipping up body bags for cold storage are his primary responsabilities, but Doc Flynn doesn't complain.

Contrary to popular disbelief, Doc Flynn is not a vet but he did lose his license in the murky past. It is not known if the drinking came before or after that, but so far he's been sober enough to do his job.

Quote: The techs keep the Panzers running. I keep the pilots running. That's why Dram still has something to command.

Patrick Väyrynen

If there is one word to describe Patrick, it must be "Zaku". He is the ultimate Zaku fan. He eats, sleeps, breathes and shits Zakus. He also tries to give Zaku candy, pillows, incense and toilet paper to others, who usually decline the offers more or less politely.

When new pilots arrive on the base, Patrick Väyrynen is probably the first pilot they see. He buzzes around newcomers handing out flyers and praising the virtues of choosing a Zaku for one's Panzer. Sceptics claim this actually hurts Zaku sales.

Even though he is more irritating than having sand in your pants, Väyrynen actually handles his Zaku pretty well.

Quote: Have you seen the MS-06FZ2B Fast Zaku yet? Absolutely beautiful. Here, take a flyer...

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