MechaZone 223 Glossary

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The original Martian colonists before the PanEuropeans and the Manchurians mass migrated to Mars. Fuhro, Shaab and Eniram are aborigine nations. Mostly of mediterranean/arab descendance.
A collective name for all religions believing in the influence of extra-terrestrials. Sects are relatively small, but collectively Andromedans are one of the major religions.
A synthetic edible. Comes in yellow (lemon), green (strawberry), blue (pear) and red (don't ask) flavors. The main product of Congo.
Genetically engineered codfish the Norwegians let loose have replaced practically all other marine fauna. Widely exported in canned form as an alternative to algae foods.
Communists of Congo, CoC
A leftist liberation movement originally from Congo.
Dark Sun Tours
A travel agency specializing in exotic holidays. For the record, Dark Sun Tours predates TSR's Dark Sun supplements.
Global Union Government and its Global Union Government Enforcement Squad. The top Earth government in existance.
Lum -thruster
A very efficient reaction thruster using cadmium for reaction mass. Makes space dogfights possible and cuts down inter-planetary travel times.
Lunar University, the most highly appreciated education center in the solar system.
A martian beer made in PanMa. Distinctive red color.
Mobile Panzer, Panzer, MP
A giant robotic anthromorphic fighting machine. Derived from Gundam's Mobile Suit, ofcourse.
Novum Tempus
The new calendar started shortly after the meteor disaster. Starting from 001NT years are listed with three digits, leading zeroes included and 'NT' suffix.
Orbital Bombardment
A method of crowd control favored by GUGES.
Paneuropean district of Mars. The new Paneuropean nation, Mercury holdings included.
TransOrbital, T/O-1
A giant corporation that survived the 2050 meteor shower and its satellite headquarters. Originally TransOrbital was a broadcasting company, but nowadays they make pretty much everything. TransOrbital is a de facto nation even if not officially enjoying such status.
A delusionary vision Magnus Smith had on MechaZone 223 when suffering from high fever.

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