Anti Euro Union Guild Manifest

We are Anti Euro Union Guild and we represent the voice of the aboriginal peoples or Mars and the conscience of all humanity.

Human civilization on Mars is young. The aboriginals populated it only for a short time before the arrival of the neo-imperialists. These modern age colonial oppressors violently subjected the free peoples of Mars under their rule and raped their planet.

Even though this was an obvious breach against international laws, Global Union Government did nothing about it. They denied the peoples of Mars their independence and right decide their own way of life.

The oppressed peoples of Mars rose in justified rebellion after seversl years of domination and crushed the armies of the neo-imperialists. Even though their charismatic leader Rod Wlar was cruelly assassinated by the neo-imperialists, the peoples of Mars founded three nations out of nothing and yet again populated their own planet as free citizens. These nations are Shaab, Eniram and Fuhro. Like nature itself had played a trick on the neo-imperialists, substantial coal resources were subsequently found in the nations.

The forces of neo-imperialism could not stand the sovereignty of Martian peoples. With trickery and guile they started a bloody civil war in Fuhro.

Civil war was not enough for the neo-imperialists, who coveted Fuhro's coal resources. They disguised a unit of their special forces as mercenaries and sent them to murder King Dashiq I and his court, the legal government of Fuhro.

They put their Judas, Grand Vizier Esu Ylno, on the throne as president and under the guise of military aid gladly sent their armies to crush Fuhro's people's last hope of independence, the Fuhro Liberation Front, FLF.

Fuhro is a sovereign state only in name. In reality its goverment is a bunch of puppets, whose strings are being pulled by the leaders of the neo-imperialists. The people of Fuhro can not enjoy the prosperity brought by the rich natural resources of the nation, because thanks to the bilateral trade agreement of 078NT they are sold for a small fraction of their value to the neo-imperialists, who pay in weapons and troops to further oppress the people of Fuhro.

The neo-imperialists have a name.

It is PanMa.

The PanMa government is responsible for dominating Fuhro and stealing its natural resources, murders, torture and uncountable crimes against the people of Fuhro. PanMa's prosperity is built on the decpetive base of these crimes.

AEUG will not rest before the puppet government of Fuhro has been replaced with democratically chosen representatives of the Fuhro people.

AEUG will not rest before the leaders of the neo-imperialists have answered for their crimes and their power on Mars crushed for all eternity.

AEUG will not rest before justice has won!

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