MechaZone 556 Campaign

The MechaZone 556 game has evolved into a Full Thrust campaign. I will add situational reports and stuff as I get around to it...

A note on ship classes: The classifications are fairly vanilla, following the British tradition. The most noteworthy thing is that I do not like the invented class code DN for the artificial class of dreadnoughts. A battleship is a battleship and they're all classed BB.

The Opposing Forces

The following fleets have engaged in actions ranging from minor skirmishes to major battles. They are not allied with each other, and it is yet unknown how other, currently non-involved fleets will respond to events.

Anti Euro Union Guild Freedom Fleet

After joining forces with the Lunar Expeditionary Force (LEF), the AEUG fleet has become a small, but serious contender. It has yet to be seen how problematic their supply will turn out to be.

Fleet Listing

Paneuropean Mars Colony Home Fleet

Even after the unfortunate Deimos incident, PanMa still has the strongest single fleet in the solar system. However, they are divided by the need to defend both Mars, Mercury and the shipping lines in between.

Fleet Listing

Global Union Government Enforcement Squad

Perhaps the least aptly named fleet (who can seriously suggest several major ships are for internal security only?), the aims and desires of the GUGES fleet and Eric Paddleditch are yet to be determined.

Fleet Listing

Royal Norwegian Space Fleet

Norway has a great tradition as an oceangoing power. However, this tradition is about 1500 years old. Norway has recently, after the Cod War with Brasil, invested sizable sums in their navy, which is technically in violation of the GUG rules.

Fleet Listing

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