MechaZone 223 Picture Gallery

Clovis Peabody

Prince Dram Hashasquiel

Eric Paddleditch

Gail Galewraith

Norton Swell

Ramon Armétal

Sonoda Al

Mecha acrobatics


Roll 'em

Master of Dice

Look before you leap

Assisted fall

Flying Armored Valkyrie

Flying Armored Valkyrie, too

Another Flying Armored Valkyrie

Yet Another Flying Armored Valkyrie

Close Combat!

Up close and personal

HiZak posing

Not Mecha van Damme

Oi! Where's my leg?

Spoils of war

Bringing home the booty

Legioss tiptoes

Hit the switch!

"May I have your attention please..."

Orguroid posing

Swinging action

Who's playing the game?


A challanging situation

Watch your six

Heavy projectiles

Frying popcorn on a Beam Saber

SRP Annual Meeting '93

SRP Annual Meeting '93

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