Anti Euro Union Guild

What is AEUG?

The Sword of Vengeance, AEUG strikes against evil oppressors throughout the solar system. AEUG will triumph, for our cause is just.

People from all walks of life swarm to join AEUG's noble fight against oppression.

Joining AEUG

If AEUG's cause is close to your heart, you should consider joining. Strike a blow for liberty! Travel the solar system, see new places, thwart evil plots, impress the chicks! All this can be real. All this can be yours.

Join today. Tomorrow the world will be yours.

Current Goals

AEUG is eternally vigilant in its fight against the neo-imperialists. Step by step, blow by blow the neo-imperialist regime is crumbled away. There are always many projects in the works, many goals to be achived.

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